How to enable Retail Endless Aisle

I am working a project now with stated objectives to enable endless aisle. This brick and mortar stalwart retailer seeks to expand categories and products to sell using current customer goodwill and A plus brand.

MDM for Products will become the framework. A best of breed master data management solution has been selected, Stibo Systems. The e commerce engine is in place. Now just the products.

And products are a job. Our first talks went over this process. Yes, a world class PIM or product information management software like Stibo Systems handles millions and millions of products. And can aggregate product catalogs via a Supplier Portal. Products can be sorted by category and inherit attributes based on business rules and workflow related to the data model. The data model is built during a master data management deployment. Built by ingesting data from Indesign, spreadsheets, erp, etc. However if a company seeks a long tail strategy, this usually means NEW categories. Categories with no local knowledge so to speak.

If a company sells electronic accessories, and now seeks to sell electronics like HD TVs where does the product information; attributes, specifications, come from? The product libraries must be acquired from  companies that do this. In this case Virtucom is partnering with Stibo Systems to deliver a true long term strategy in less than 4 months.

4 months of work will deliver a half million new products. With plans to add two hundred thousand new products per month.







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