Master Data Management: Assured Business Results.

Hi, I got this from a good MDM, though high level, blog. The comment about Big Data is interesting. After all, organizing, classifying, cleansing big data is a MDM strength.

  • Improve service levels. Organisations often need to increase customer satisfaction and lock-in, and add value to relationships with internal and external parties beyond the products they deliver. MDM can help by improving the accuracy and effectiveness of service delivery processes.
  • Optimise costs and increase efficiencies. MDM helps organisations cut costs by enabling them to reduce waste, avoid redundant or out-of-place marketing and customer service activities, and increase staff productivity. It helps organisations consolidate enterprise resource planning, ensure efficient procurement and supply chain processes, and improve billing and invoicing.
  • Innovate in terms of business models and markets. Many organisations aim to transform themselves in order to capitalise on new market opportunities. They are focusing on new approaches to business processes, which require them to reorganise with a focus on governing and exploiting crucial information assets, including master data.
  • Link MDM to “big data” initiatives. Gartner predicts that, by 2016, 20 per cent of organisations will derive, and internally govern, identities and descriptive data from “big data” sources. Organisations that do not will fail to realise the full business value of big data, a shortcoming that could harm their reputation and competitive strength.

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