A New MDM Perspective in Small, Medium Enterprises

I am seeing a trend across enterprises, both large and small. Across manufacturers, distributors, retailers and etailers. This trend as is a new mind set and the gravity of adopting Master Data Management now not later or never.

A case in point. I was called back into a manufacturer right before Thanksgiving last year. I had worked this opportunity hard over a year ago. The opportunity then was focused on one channel, print. I talked with the CEO and all top marketing, merchandising, IT professionals and the vision was to optimize print catalog and flyer production. I tried to explain that Master Data Management was journey. And that print, though valuable, did not gain all MDM benefits. I had thought at the time this expanded message was not received.  The project stalled, then died due to management changes.

The top IT person was replaced. The new person hired had extensive master data management solution experience. My first meeting with this person resonated. I just listened as he did my presentation covering MDM roadmap that models suppliers, products, then customers, assets, locations and employees. He spoke of the need to publish rich product information omni-channel. I met with the CEO again, and his vision saw past print and to business to business e-commerce and to mobile commerce.

And another opportunity has caught fire. As before, a narrow PIM vision or product information management, solution was discussed. I was asked to present the MDM road map, as I see it. After a 45 minute white board session, the execs in the room were fired up. The product piece, gathering, cleansing, organizing and enriching product information was still important, yet the best received message pertained to CDI or customer modeling. Modeling customer purchase habits against the product mix raised questions and the lifted room excitement level.

I love it. I see enterprises changing to the paradigm of MDM as an assured business enhancement tool. Not just IT plumbing. And new titles are popping up alongside the E-commerce professionals. These are are digital commerce executives. This expansion of MDM value, real not perceived, makes the MDM investment more doable. ROI is gained from modeling a broader set of entities. And this process can and most likely be phased. Solving heaviest pain first and looking to the longer term MDM vision at the same time.



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