Retailers: In-Store Digital ROI : 10% to 40% Increase In-Store Sales

In-Store Digital ROI : 10% to 40% Increase In Store Sales

Sapient Nitro, a leading digital commerce consulting company has written a report Insights 2013. This report, over offers compelling and valuable insight into digital commerce. This report provides results of a digital commerce survey conducted by top SapientNitro experts across the largest retailers. The results are based on several digital commerce metrics and are surprising. The categories covered:

Visibility: Are Digital elements visible in store and integrated to shopper’s path?

Content: Is content relevant to brand, products and services?

Functionality: Are digital assets interactive and relevant to shoppers’ goals and in-store experience?

Brand Translation: is digital integrated into retail space?

Social Sharing Integration: How well is cross-channel or social sharing, like email, Facebook, Twitter, enabled?

Mobile Experience in-store: does retailer have a native mobile app with function relevant to the in-store experience?

Cross Channel Inventory and Fulfillment: does retailer provide store inventory visibility in other channels?

One of the key questions to consider prior to in-store digital investment is ROI. The cost of installing and supporting these tools is significant, but the question of a positive return is too often unknown. Based on SapientNitro’s work in the space, a significant increase—on the order of 10% to 40% in additional in-store sales—relative to other stores,  is attainable. These benefits are primarily due to

decreased lost sales, the ability to ship-to-home, improved in-store shopping by enabling co-browse with sales associates, and brand contribution. Retailers with a physical presence need to play up the benefit of in-store experiences. Quite simply, sales conversion is much higher in the retail store than anywhere else. It also offers unique advantages: immersion, direct support of sales associates, immediacy and focus, social elements and the opportunity for fun. It makes sense to invest in the channel that represents more than 90% of most retailers’ sales (even as ecommerce continues to grow).

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