Food Service Master Data Management : Mitchells & Butlers Success Story

Mitchells & Butlers is the UK’s leading restaurant group operating 1750 + outlets, with 16 brands ranging from British Pubs to Posh Dining Restaurants. A centralized master data management solution was deployed 2 years ago. This allows Mitchells & Butlers to:

• Manage ingredient, recipe and allergy information across 125 million meals to speed accurate and timely information to menus that change full cycle 2 to 3 times per year.
• A single master copy and point of entry for product and retail data to feed: till, HR, ordering, reporting and financial systems now interlinked with a common business process.
• Reduce costs by optimizing commodity sourcing with the efficiency of ordering and tracking down to a single gram then modeling that information to the square footage for each outlet.
• Feed master pricing, food, drink, recipes and nutritional information to consumer facing brand websites, menus and promotional groups.

In order to provide information consistency, accuracy, food safety compliance and enhance customer experience for each distinct brand, Mitchells & Butlers leverages a centralized, seamless, multi-domain, multi-channel approach to manage the entry, flow and delivery of master data.

I heard this case study at the recent Stibo Systems user conference held in Chicago. To get this case study please fill out the form below:


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