Master Data Types Supported in a MDM for PIM ( a good PIM)

MDM for products software delivers a single repository for product information. All services are shared across all domains; UI, Security, Language Management, Inheritance, etc. The best Master Data Management (MDM) solutions, are one repository for all domains as opposed to separate repositories (and schemas) for each domain. MDM functionality is focused on the data domains “Product”, “Supplier” and “Location” because these domains logically accompany each other during the product life cycle. However, there should be no limit to the number of different data domains that may be supported. A flexible data model is domain agnostic and functionality specific to a given domain such as products reside in the application logic rather than the data model. Relevant business logic can be applied to any master data domain or across multiple domains. For example, changes to a specific vendor object could trigger updates to product objects associated with the vendor and automatically notify relevant downstream systems. A best practice MDM for Products works from a single repository it also means that APIs, XML Schemas, Services, Interfaces, User Administration, and Data Governance are shared across data domains.

Click here for Free RFP template complete with best practice PIM questions and answers.


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