How is Product Data managed today?

On visits to retail/etail businesses, I always remember what a GM at a Manufacturing plant told me. “Let us own our business.” The comment context was, that the business has been running without any experts from a software company for many years. And try to help us if you can but don’t preach to us.

I know this, and know the business stakeholders have forgotten more about their business than I will ever know. Yet I do ask this question. How are you managing product data today?

And I ask the IT, the marketers, merchandisers, and execs to think about this. This leads to a diagram of systems that manage or hold product data today. One recent business had 6 separate systems. Painful this was because 6 included separate technology bases which needed expertise. Integration points, if any, hard to manage. Files were transferred in house by email and FTP. Touches to product data, updated in one system, left behind in others. And yet this is and was doable for this enterprise.

Addressing this with a central repository of all product data. With integration to ERP, data warehouses, CRM and publishing to ecommerce systems, print and to partners seems logical.

I have heard, “but this is moving backwards.” This comment from a CEO when told about the single largest task in implementing a PIM; building the data model. And yet when model is built, product edits,new product introductions made simple and work for all users is simplified. SEO is enhanced due to key words being presented in right product classifications.

Simplified because all users work off a single repository of product truth. All updates are managed with role based security. Product hierarchies or collections of products are easy to build and easy to publish to customers.


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