Master Data Management Benefit for Retailers: Retail PIM Functionality

Here are five most relevant areas of retail product information management functionality:

Merchandiser-The ability of merchants to create their own “basket of products” and run financial analysis on them to determine inclusion or exclusion in a marketing offering regardless of the channel the product is being offered through. In addition the merchandiser allows non designer to pick up or use designed templates to create turn over roughs with e-sticky notes.

Kitting or Bundling-The ability to make any sort of association, i.e. mandatory accessories, useful, accessories, products other have bought with this product, etc. These associations can be at a one to one level, one too many or many to one. These associations can be done manually of by importing already created associations.

Commodity items management-Often items are purchased, such as your towels, that no one manufacturer can produce enough product, so you are forced to purchase the same product from multiple vendors, thus making it a commodity. The ability to manage the like products as one customer facing SKU while managing the relationship of the sku to multiple vendors.

Versioning-This displays a product to the end consumer in its most appealing fashion. For example, a waffle iron, if you know that the person visiting the web site is a college age person, you would like to display images that show fun in college setting with the waffle iron. If the person looking at the product was mid 30’s you might want to display a family making waffles in the morning. You further might want to write copy that might appeal to either person individually. Best practices product information management solutions handle these easily and quickly.

GDSN, 1Sync certification– Certain PIM solutions have been certified as a GDSN receiver as well as provider of data.


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