SEO and Product Information Management

Ecommerce websites strive for best placement in Google and other search engines. Makes sense; better SEO, better traffic and better sales. Leveraging key words is super important. However, most ecommerce sites can improve with a best practice approach to product information. Here are a few tidbits:

Custom copy, a marketing edge is always good. Seek to differentiate your product offerings with good, solid marketing copy.

Product content, or product copy leverages Key Words.

Part numbers, manufacturer’s part numbers placed in product content and product description.

Key product attributes must be present.

A Product information management system can force proper proper attribution.

Attribute values need to be normalized.

Attribute values must be controlled using a central PIM system.

Vendor catalogs and supplier product data can be transformed into rich, persuasive product information using a PIM system.

Products can be provisioned for correct, rich attribution using a PIM system.

Pardon the strong suggestion that ecommerce sites will strengthen SEO and sales with a best of practice product information management system. Often I see companies running very fast trying to attribute products for web presentation. Images, videos, copy, descriptions, pricing, and other key attributes hide all over the ecommerce organization. Product information management hands all data to all users, now.


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