Master Data Management and the Enterprise

Bad data causes a creeping degration of enterprise efficiency. Like a cancer, the disease can go on, growing more dangerous, yet is not detected. Early detection is the job of fine master data managers and fine doctors.

As data degrades, pain intensifies. Errors, such as bad invoices, higher returns, out of control inventory seep to the surface. Often this pain begins with product data. Product data, the life blood of a manufacturer and distributor may lack key attributes, may be inconsistent across sales channels and just may be wrong.

The enterprise steps into the MDM space. Vendors are contacted and solutions are discussed. Product information is at front, because pain is felt each day. The rest of the story unfolds.

Now product data is modeled; classified and just clean enough. This is a major step and all prescient enterprise people are applauded. Next comes what?

Business to business enterprises sell products to customers. Customer data is critical as much so as products or even more so. CDI, or customer data integration, is the buzz word. The enterprise folks look to the Product Management vendor, with bright eyes and high expectations. And the vendor blinks. The slide depicting the CDI piece of the vendor solution pie, being just marketing gymnastics.

Yes it is true. Low tier product information management vendors, may handle products OK, yet veer off the MDM path when customer data, or asset data, or location data, or employee data rear their heads.


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