Data Migration and a Product Information Management Project

“How are we getting the data into our new PIM solution?” The MDM director asked me recently. Good question and how this question is answered separates the bush leaguers from the major MDM for Product vendors. Why, do you ask?

The lower tier guys lie through hungry grins. The data migration is a manual and tedious process. Many times off shored to be cleaned by hard working manual efforts. The data is cleaned and ready for migration, but what now?

Now you have clean data in your shiny new MDM for products solution. Within a short time, like an 8 year old beginning the game in a shiny uniform, your data gets dirty. I see a hard slide into second wiping out the shiny, clean look on the 8 year old, and new products, edits, changes, obsolescence, duplicates and errors getting dirt on your data.

This is because Heiler, Riversand, and Enterworks do not have an integrated data quality, data cleanse engine. The very best MDM for Products provider, Stibo Systems does. The data cleanse, and data transformation process is done all the time. Not just to get ready for prime time, meaning the kick off of the new Product Information Management system.

New products are introduced and washed with care in the delicate cycle. Alerts and notifications are sent to product, marketing or category managers if needed. In most cases, 95% of the time, no human touches the data. Product collections inherit attributes and product data is transformed into persuasive product information.

Beware vendor promises. Like politicians, vendors lie not to be elected, but to be selected. And give me a call if you want to here more – 817-488-6591. I am a busy bee so leave a message.


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