Product Management Agility

Imagine sorting products into hierarchies. Hierarchies being a set of products to sell to a vertical or specific customer. How do you do this today? Do you have parent child relationships, a family view of product lines, ability to enrich products? Is your hierarchy management system scalable? Say today or next month new products or new suppliers come on board. Are more folks needed to manage the new lines the increase in SKUs?

Sure you do, you and 20 colleagues skip through spreadsheets, copy and pasting fingers to the bone,am I wrong? And then searching for an image or several images pertinent to products and product assortments. And where are the videos, maybe hazmat information, documents, pdfs, delivery restrictions?

Delivery restrictions are interesting. Take a rifle scope seller. Best not deliver that night vision scope to China. Or gun powder to California and on and on. And on to labeling products, packaging to your business requirements and to your regulatory needs.


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