Product Information Management Pain

Often, in my travels, I run into marketing professionals in charge of catalog creation. Professionals, good at their job on the surface, yet mired in manual tasks to get a catalog, datasheet, brochure or whatever into usable condition. I feel for these folks. Days are jammed with time pressure, and reaching to people, to systems, to suppliers for the building blocks of a product catalog.

My step is light around these busy bee marketers. Light because automation or dynamic catalog creation, which a product information management solution may bring, may threaten some marketing professionals. Unease may be caused my automating the very tasks the people do. I try to share that more creative work can be done and better marketing strategies can be created if their valuable time is saved.

My approach is to question the workflow of the catalog creation process.

How do you get your product data?
Where is it stored, how about images, documentation, specs, prices?
How many people work on the catalog?
How long does it take to get to pre-press?
When catalog finally arrives, how much data is obsolete?

The obsolete question on the surface sounds silly but often is not. I recently visited a product information management prospect. This company produced a big book product catalog for customer use, and sent along with the big book, was a smaller catalog with corrections. Yes this is true. My question of what percentage of the “new big book” was obsolete got a 25% response. Obsolete because the catalog process took over 6 months.

More direct I was in my next question, “Why the heck do create your catalog, loaded with errors, like the way you do?

The answer was, “This is how we always do it.” I encourage these folks to pack a gun to the gun fight not a plastic knife. I give them a Paper on Dynamic Catalog Creation. Please get your free copy below:


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