Data Quality Solution Features

Data Quality suites may be offered in a MDM suite. Some MDM solution providers offer this function, others do not. The Data Quality module helps customers start an MDM journey with quality data. A full featured Data Quality module includes this functionality:

Data Profiling: this feature analyzes data and reports accuracy, consistency, and redundancy. Data profiling helps plan needed tasks to shape up enterprise data.

Data Cleansing and Normalization: The transformation of dirty data into clean information. De-duping, correct syntax, inconsistent data patterns, incorrect case, and other issues are fixed.

Workflow: An engine to automate processes. Alerts and notifications are sent to data or product managers. Workflow helps include all steps and humans inherent to a data quality process.

Business Rules: Ensure corporate standards are embedded in in data entry and data goverance processes.

Audit Logs: Important information about data quality processes and what actions were taken by whom and when.

Reports: Information and analyses to spawn action and repair.

Flexibility: Supports strict and fuzzy data cleansing and can set severity levels or flags during data entry.

Globalization: Supports multi-lingual data and is unicode enabled.

Important considerations for a data quality suite include usability. Are business users with knowledge of the data able to use the tool? Or are over tasked IT people needed? Best of breed Data Quality solutions are a rapid deployed business tool, not an IT project.

Get a Free Data Quality Data Sheet including detailed functionality descriptions and screen shots right here:


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