Benefits of Product Information Management Solution

Some product managers, marketers, e-commerce pros, and merchandisers know MDM, many do not . I will use this post to cover high level benefits of MDM and MDM for product information management:

Improve regulatory compliance – PIM software, a solution providing workflow, streamlines compliance processes and provides a single source of of product information.

Reduce and Avoid Costs – Existing applications become stronger with help from a PIM solution. ERP, CRM, Data Warehouses, gain life from a single source of accurate customer and product information.

Productivity Gains – Data entry errors reduce. Processes gain efficiency. Key areas of operations; order entry, invoicing, customer service, ecommerce all gain from accurate, up-to-date product information.

Customers Benefit – A single, accurate view of all customer activity strengthens support efforts. Customer support calls are shorter and less frequent.

E-commerce Boost – website visitors appreciate, accurate, rich product information. Informed decisions are easier to make, sales increase.

Salesforces are Armed – solid PIM solutions, using a portal framework driven with product information, create customized presentations and proposals on demand. The sales conversation is specific and zeros in on customer needs.


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