To Print Catalogs or not to Print Catalogs

A electronics distributor announced no more print catalogs recently. I look at this a wonder if this is because printing the “Big Book” is just too dang expensive to get together. Companies in this same industrial vertical, electronic distribution, are doing just the opposite; creating more catalogs. Go figure.

I like catalogs. And my wife does too. When the latest Cabela’s enters my mail box at the house, it is scanned cover to cover. I look for deals that fit my needs. And in Cabela’s case, buy on line or in the Cabela store north of Fort Worth. And the catalogs I like are precise for Bowhunters, or hunters or the season.

Catalogs are valuable. But just like all marketing efforts, targeted information is better. A catalog highlighting all new LEDs, or all product for specific application is valuable. Focused product information sent to high potential buyers, sells products. Yellow page big books, w/ 2 mill products, expensive door stops. Maybe.

Catalog agility sets retailers apart. How hard is it to segment the product information and publish to print? How costly to set up and get to print? Please find 2 guides which may be helpful for folks interested in optimizing print catalog process.


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