Product Information Management Guide

Product Information Management or PIM solutions have been around for awhile. Yet still many companies spend way too much time and money getting, cleansing, and transforming data into rich product information. With a PIM solution, transforming data into rich information can be quick and easy. PIM speeds up new product introductions and product edits and makes the customer experience better leading to more sales.

If your company takes too long to introduce new products. Or if your company spends hours editing product data or making changes, then the Free PIM Guide is for you. This guide describes how a best practice pim solution can benefit your business by deliver real world functionally details. Here are some highlights:

  • How to get supplier data and transform to rich, selling product information quickly.
  • How to manage all digital assets like images, videos, spec sheets; And associate digital assets to products and product categories.
  • How to integrate a PIM solution to your ERP, your Web site and your creative solutions like Indeca or Quark.
  • Plus, how workflow can keep data clean, simplify new product information management and optimize your business processes.

This PIM guide, put together in a Request for Information format, will help you learn what benefits your company can gain. And can be used to start building business requirements for a PIM solution. The guide will get you on the path to world class product management and higher sales.

Request PIM Guide right here:


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