Swimming in an Ocean of Product Data

When learning about enterprise product information management, I think about fishing. A fisherman goes out, like Spencer Tracy in Old Man and the Sea, the Hemingway book, and searches for his catch. Minutes stretch into hours and hours into a full fishing day. Often, the fisherman is skunked, or comes up empty. And sometimes, a catch is made.

Take digital asset management in the Enterprise. A new product comes in and a product manager or marketer is tasked w/ enriching the product information. First task is to associate an image to the product, and the person tasked w/ this job, just knows there is an image that fits, somewhere.

Is the image hiding in the rocks, or on a colleagues desktop, or swimming in deeper water, in a fragmented enterprise system. Time is spent seeking this image and there is a cost involved. I have read about the ROI for DAM. Surprising numbers do appear to the plus side, when images, and other digital assets are managed in a single repository, or managed from a single repository, even if images do reside in other systems.

I have a ROI document which I will send to you if interested. Just request in the comment box. Best to you, JR


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