Product Information Management Request for Information Guide

Product Information Management for your Enterprise
Enterprises that can quickly transform product data into rich, selling product information have competitive advantage over enterprises which still clean data manually.
Transforming product data to rich, selling product information is key to delight customers and to keep sales healthy. Often, gathering product data from suppliers and internal systems to publish to ecommerce sites and to print is a slow, painful process. Retailers and etailers have many suppliers. And the market may change each day. Product attributes like price, color, size, availability, fit, capability, may change daily. And getting ecommerce changes done, can eat time and cost sales.
If an Enterprise sells thousands of products into a fast moving marketing like apparel, electronics, and consumer goods, and if the product management process is slow and painful, a Product Information Management solution will offer high return on investment. Painful business processes like product edits, new product introductions, data governance and data enrichment are done using workflow in the best of breed PIM systems.
Integrated workflow pushes work to designated users, using alerts and notifications, to speed business processes, to increase efficiency and sales.
Now the request for information process, the beginning of PIM vendor selection is made easier. is offering a FREE RFI/RFP guide to all enterprises seeking a product information management solution. This guide is full of rich functionality detail describing best of breed product information features. This guide is built to serve as a starting point. Project teams can use this roadmap to save time and kick start the PIM selection process. All is included, General Instructions, PIM and Multichannel Publishing overview and all these chapters:
Product Information Management
Digital Asset Management (DAM)
Multichannel Publishing
Web-to-Print Portal
Workflow Management
Web Content Management
Portal Framework
Support questions, training questions and technology questions are Procovered with intelligent questions all seeking a PIM solution can use. Important vendor questions are also supplied plus a reference section. All a Project Information team needs is to apply this template to their business. Just ask for your Free copy in the comment field below this post.


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