Boost Ecommerce Sales with Better Site Search

Site Search Optimization Pains

No matter how much real world web experience online marketers have, problems delivering productive search results abound. SEO, or search engine optimization, articles flood the internet. SEO companies boast of high rankings obtained if their services are bought. But the facts tell a different truth; optimizing search results is hard work. This white paper tells you how to Accelerate Your Site Search with Better Product Data. Problems like the below may affect ecommerce site searches:

>>Site searches that flood the searcher with results — search for “hammer” and any product with the word “hammer” in the description is included.

>>Site searches that return too few results — searching for “wastebasket” doesn’t return products which should be included, because the site sells “trashcans.”

>>Site searches that return the wrong result — in spite of “built in intelligence” and parametric search ability, search results are incomplete or not relevant.

What is the Site Search Answer?

While site search technologies grow in sophistication, Google changes search criteria. Staying abreast with current best practices is a chore. Customers or potential customers must be able to find products, if the search is flawed, the customer clicks on to another site. Expensive work driving site traffic is wasted.

This executive overview is a framework for re-thinking site search challenges. Beginning with a brief explanation of how product data gets buried in the first place. It continues with survey findings and associated problems and follows with product information management techniques that back fill SEO limitations. And concludes with initial steps companies can take to take advantage of the best search technologies.

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