Sales Management Software for KISS Principle

KISS: Keep it Simple is Best Sales Software Approach

Big CRMs like are built for marketing and executives. Sales people, a distant third, have usage issues. The simplest tasks, like entering a new lead, force forms to open and unwanted choices to be made. This wastes time. Busy sales people, the real pros need to get to next call, not spend hours in a CRM.

Full CRM has a place in the small business. Top 3 business needs may be tracking marketing, product information and support. offers a full CRM complete with Order Management, Quoting, Inventory and Portals for only 15 USD per month. This is a good value.

But knocking on the sales guys heads to fit the full CRM is a mistake. Salesmen corral prospects, follow up calls, qualify leads to sales opportunities and win the business. Sales men often work with partners like distributors or manufacturer’s reps, or if a partner, with the OEM. Collaboration is important and eats sales time. For this reason is offered. This sales management tool, with none of the fluff of CRM, tracks leads, routes sales data to partners, and even automates the lead update process. With onlinesalessoftware manufacturers gain accurate data from all sales channels, directs and partners.

OnlineSalesSoftware is driven by Workbenchs. These platforms for data entry and edit, are simple, and behave very much like excel. Users, without expensive training, ramp up fast to enter and edit sales data. This real-time or near real-time approach accurizes the sales forecast and sales pipeline.

Trial this sales management tool here:


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