Sales Hawk or Sales Babysitter

Boy, working with a company that expects account management is a bitch. The sales pro should swoop like the hawk, scooping up the unwary clover munching rabbit, slashing talons throught fragile bones to kill. Kill the deal that is. Use the gentle little old lady, the one mortified by idea of a “cold call,” to “touch base.” Baseball players and weak salesmen touch base. Real sales pros hunt and kill, like the hawk, (see above)

However, when the sales compensation plan says manage accounts it is do or don’t get paid. Well I swooped into Borders books and scooped the New Strategic Selling and with fear in my hawk heart. I read the chapter on “positioning.” Analyze current position, assess political landscape? The sales hawk swoops and kills and soars on the next thermal, right?

Wrong. Salesteams evolve in tougher markets. More is expected and good account management skills are key.


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