Inside Sales Teams

Get Better Inside Sales Results

I started selling inside for IBM many years ago. The new pilot program started with 20 people, new hires like me, blended with brave IBMer’s will to take on a new role. The inside sales team was cubby holed in a business unit in Dallas, off Luna Road, with make shift desks, computers and phones. Now the unit, several thousand strong, spans a vast converted ware house space. IBMer stuffed cubicles, and state of the art communications systems create IBM opportunity each day.

IBM mined value fast. Management learned how quickly sales people can come up to selling strength and learned how best to position high activity sales people to pull revenue in. Inside sales, for lead generation or full sales cycle work, should be part of all sales teams. Let the directs close deals, and keep on closing by supporting with less expensive inside sales people. Lead generation, and lead nurture to ready to buy status is best done inside. The direct’s calendars fill up with qualified opportunity loaded there, by inside staff.

Unexpected value will bubble up. Number one, how fast the insiders learn product and sales skills. High volume calls shape this benefit. And recruiting costs go down. The next generation of killer direct sales reps are right there, in your inside sales team.


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