Cold Calling tips: Cold Call Cowboy

Click to call, cool stuff for a sales guy. I use skype. Just click to dial, and even while connecting I copy and paste the next number to the CAll To field to save time. Sales is a contact sport, and contacts are what I seek. Click, click, call, call.

Average sales guy scratches his head about the best way to handle voicemail. Leave a message or not to leave a message, ehhh Romeo? Should dial time be spent leaving a message or dialing the next number? But the sales pro, never without a plan, knows what to do all the time, right?

I go through stages. Some days I do some I don’t. I do test results though and my results have lead me to a conclusion:

Leave a message, yes, do so. And…make it…

Short and Sweet with a hook. Like this…

Hi, thanks for listning, call me to learn how to fix, solve, make, learn etc. We do this for XYZ, Acme, (industry relevent.) Give me just 5 minutes and you will be surprised.

This version has paid off for me. If you read my other posts, you know that I make 100 calls per day. With the short and sweet message, I get 1 to 4 call backs per day.

Not too bad….


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