Sales Funnel like a Vacuum?

Sales Funnel: Lead Vacuum Cleaner My lovely wife displays world class vacuuming skills. Often the show starts when the whistle blows starting my favorite TV game. Yet her vacuum can do tricks. When achieving best form, the vacuum dances room to room, sucking up all within reach and all is within reach of my wife’s vacuum. This image of the never miss a dust bunny vacuum, is like a sales funnel.

The sales funnel must suck up all leads from all sources, including partners, dealers, reps and sub reps. Leads flow into the sales funnel to squeeze green stuff out the narrow end. The funnel is an upside down pyramid. Top is wide and broad with much ground to cover by nurturing and qualification. Then leads, passing assessment muster, mature to business opportunity, and grow up to cash paying new customer.

How is your sales funnel? Is it a never miss a lead, sucking machine? Or does your funnel leak leads through holes, cash splashing on the floor?


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