Sales Power Bench to Jump Dealer Sales

OSS, a leading sales technology company, rolls out the Sales Power Bench to increase partner mind share and flow through sales. The Power Bench, built for enterprises selling multi-mode; directs, dealers, reps, delivers easy power to partner salespeople.

The Power Bench, true sales force automation, gives sales men online data grids to enter and edit lead/opportunity data. Any sales person using excel adapts to the Power Bench with out costly training and support.

Then a daily “Morning Call” email, fires off to sales people owning sales records, and gives one click access to the Sales Power Bench. Then, sales people enter and edit leads and opportunities. Sales data, real-time, can fuel strategy and sales team growth.

The Sales Power Bench powered by the “Morning Call.” solves sales forecast mystery. Bright light, shed on each sales record, gives total sales visibility to marketing teams and sales management.

Sales leads tend to disappear off lead lists. Now, high definition highlights all leads, all opportunities, to increase total pipeline dollars, to jump lead conversion to new business wins, and to boost sales profits.

OSS displays a Video of the Sales Power Bench on the web site:

Just visit the site and click the “Sales Power Bench Video.”

No tedious registration form, just direct to the Power Bench video.


About Sales Pro
Master Data Management and Product information management solutions.

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