Close Sales Leads Don’t Bury Them

PackExpo, the largest packaging show in the US is kicking off the first week of October. All manufacturers of packaging

Close Sales Leads w/ Lead Management

Close Sales Leads w/ Lead Management

machinery and materials will display products in the Las Vegas convention center. The cost for this show is a budget breaker unless the lead count is very high, and the leads are managed. The slow down that US manufacturing is going through paints each lead gold. Leads are valuable yet many packaging manufacturing companies use old, stuffy, lead management methods which waste leads.

Lead management methods range from loading a list into the show provided tool or a spreadsheet. Now back at the office, the leads are entered into a contact management tool. And then, finally after several time wasting touches, the lead is distributed to the right sales person. Often there is no follow up process except calls and emails. The leads might as well be tossed into a hole in the ground. A deep black hole that makes lead tracking very hard. Important information like the lead quality and sales lead closing efforts linger out there in the fog. This problem is doubled or tripled if leads are routed, like many are, to distribution or to manufacturer’s representatives.

The highest payback solution, which should be on all sales and marketing radar, is lead management. OnlineSalesSoftware makes a lead management tool that will route leads and track leads each day. Case studies, with OSS customers, describe a exponential return on the low hosted sales software user fees. Exponential return may sound high. But consider this. If the average sale is just $10,000, and just one lead scores a touchdown with a sale, and based on $40-$65 per user per month fees, the payback amount is justified.

To maximize the return on the all sales leads, call 1-888-605-3173 and press 4 at the prompt, or visit this link: to learn more about this lead management solution. The website provides videos of this sales solution.


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