Product Management in CRM Software CRM software does not offer product management, This feature is not for all CRM users, ofcourse, but is a nice to have for manufacturers, manufacturer’s representatives and distributors.

Many prospects seek one application to run their business. If using different contact managers, different quoting and financial systems to run day to day business, this is a noble goal. Allowing data to live in different systems slows down the business and hurts business growth. Still, manufacturers and others, have key customer data on salesmen laptops, quote using other software, and manage inventory and products in yet another system.

CRM solutions that track lead to cash pay off by simplifying sales and customer data management. Leads, are converted to opportunities, quotations may follow and then sales invoices and orders. The CRM has inventory and product catalog views. This smooth work flow oils the work machinery, and now each step in this lead to cash process is right in front of all to see.

CRM may not replace the financial system which tracks income and expenses. This is not needed. Hooks can be built to avoid double entry to be used for new customer additions and other jobs.

Manufacturers and companies that manage products should consider a CRM application which provides the usual buckets; marketing, sales, support, and Order management.


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