hey Sales Guy: Dont be a Pushover, OK?

Professional Sales Cycle Management

How to Manage Prospects and Sales Cycles

I am reading the new Michael Connelly novel. This book combines the great Harry Bosch, homicide detective, with the Lincoln lawyer, Matt Haller. Just heaven for us detective book readers. Well Haller gets this big client, a "franchise" client. The client that will make big money if Haller can handle him and keep him out of jail.

But the client knows all, has done all, and is trying to manage the process. Move this to prospects that are pushy, demanding and try to manage your sales cycles. Both are losers in the end. Spending time and not getting what they need.

At one point, Haller tells him "Shut the f___ up, I am the lawyer." Should sales people say "Hey wait a minute, I am the professional sales person," to controlling prospects? You bet your butt they should.

My suggestion is to control the sales cycle, control the steps to winnin the deal as you control a cross country trip. Use a map, well traveled, many successful customers walked with you, throught these steps. Take the prospects hand and help him get successful.

Sales are harder to get, but don' be a pushover. Some prospects are just not worth it.


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