NFL Playbook and Sales Strategy

The Sales Play Book

Sales Strategy Wins Deals

How Bill Walsh did it….

Bill Walsh, the late coach of the San Francisco Forty Niners, opened each game with 20 scripted plays. Plays designed to not only to eat up clock, gobble yardage and
earn points, but to uncover what the defense would against different looks. The twenty plays ran and from this assessment strategy unfolded. This was the game plan.

Give a strategy to your sales teams and they will return higher sales. Work the strategy together, pull your manufacturers representatives and dealers into the room.
Guys need to work the strategy. Results are measured, strategy is tweaked, and better results squeezed out.

I have met professional sales guys that are perfect. Appearance, demeanor and method shines like polished silver. High levels of excellence don’t just happen; it
takes plenty of bumps and hard knocks to get there. And getting there is faster with solid sales strategy.


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