NFL Raider World: Football and Sales

Raider World

“Jim, Jim, hey ya doing?.” Al said.
“Hi Al, doing great thanks.” Jim said, hair wet, wet leaving the locker room after a tough practice.
“Hey that guy, the uhh, nose tackle, what’s his name? Al asked. “You know guy that looks like a redwood
“Krumrie, Al.” Jim told the owner of the Raiders the Bengals All Pro nosetackle’s name.
“Wow, tough blocking a Redwood, yeh a Redwood with quick feet, Jim, Can you handle him?  Ain’t like
playing for Joe, is it, is it?” Al asked, Jim being a Penn Stater.
“I will do my best Al, probably make him cry after a few series.” Jim joked.
“Hey what’s he do on his pass rush? What kind of moves?” Al asked, dark eyes showing he knew the answer
and that Jim had better know it too.

Al Davis

I played for the Raiders for 4 seasons back in the 80’s. I wish it had been longer but one black Tuesday
got me traded to the bottom dwelling Houston Oilers. Please click – NFL Stories -here to read the rest >>


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