Obama Stimulous Travesty

I speak to customers that are forced to lay off people, I speak to prospects that can not market their new products for lack of cash. I see news about billions of Obama dollars going to highway beautification. I see 8.5 billion of the stimulus going to Acorn. And I think as a small business owner, what would Hayek, Friedman, have done?

The small business owner would have taxes lowered. Income and employee taxes would be dropped. Small business owners do not want a handout, just want breathing room. With relief sales and marketing can be executed building new demand, new products introduced to solve customers issues so far unsolved. New branches can be opened to grab markets untouched. New investments in business process can be made.

I speak to a former employee, hard left now, and I am called a product of the military industrial complex. Never being called this before, I googled it. And found that Eisenhower coined this phrase in the early 50’s too describe, in part, how we won world war 2.

I am proud of our military industrial complex. I have worked with great defense contractors like Lockheed and know how much the employees love their country as they hand craft F16s on the mile long assembly line. The military industrial complex, with open capacity caused by depression, fired up the lines and out produced all WW2 enemy production combined. Planes, trucks, tanks, ships, popped up and supported our effort and the efforts of our allies.

If one reads history, one learns that the Japanese and the Germans knew of the American manufacturer. It was written by both enemies, that “we need to win this fast” , and known that an enduring struggle would fully awake the American manufacturer, and this would crush them. And it did.

Since the seventies American manufacturers are attacked by democratic policies. This must change.


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