Customer Account Management

Account Management

Customer Account Management and Sales Account Management Solutions

Key Account Management: building blocks of Marketing, Sales and Customer Support

A solid key account management strategy is the blood that
circulates through an enterprise. Key account management collects,
secures, all account information. The account database is accessible to
managment and administered employees to market, sell, and support.
Managment of key accounts is import to account and customer retention.

What key account management should mean to a Business

vendors describe a bright, sharp picture of each account. And in this
picture, all account activity is crystal clear. As enterprise users
view this snap shot of an account key account planning materializes.
All activity, all leads, all opportunies, and looking into the past,
all products, support tickets and account touches are caught in the
account management snapshot. This may be called a 360 degree view.

270 Degree View of a Customer

Most CRM software tools show a 270 degree view and contact
management like ACT shows a skinnier slice of the account information
pie, a 90 degree view. Why is this? A key account is not only talked
to and met with, leads and opportunities are not all which is pursued,
documents like NDAs, presentations, are not all to be attached. The buy
side of the customer, all quotes, all orders , all products owned by
the customer is not recorded in most CRM and contact management

What is a 360 Degree View and Why is fuller Picture Important

Full CRM, as provided by DataForceCRM is 360 degree. The account
snap shot shows all Account data typical to other tools and then
reaches further to show all Quotes, Orders, Products associated with
the key account. Account stakeholders get the full picture, not a snap
shot with important information cut out.


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