Sales Leads on a Shoestring

OnlineSalesSoftware helps small, medium, business tap into sales lead gold with a new, unique, marketing report. This How to Guide, “How to Get Sales Leads on a Shoestring,” offers an approach to crafting a marketing system for your business that works. The pay-off is a steady stream of qualified leads that contact your business. This guide tells you how to use magical informational marketing strategies to pull a steady flow of Opt-in leads. This Free guide gives best lead generation tips and tactics that can be used right away.

This guide delivers a step by step approach to pulling more sales leads in the door. Our approach, clearly laid out for you, can turn your business into a marketing machine. One client of ours, emailed his first new ad to a prospect list one hour after getting our guide. His results far outstripped any results received prior. And this was the first effort. And now, after a short time, the customer has built more Widgets and more leads are coming in. This guide will show you how to:

>>Create magnetic informational widgets that prospects will Opt-in to get.
>>Open the new lead flood gates by tapping the knowledge base well in your company.
>>How to heat up cold leads and in-active customers making them call you using Auto-Responders.
>>Tap into your next best friend: Auto-Responders; how to use, and how to set up.
>>How to Split test, like the great marketing pros, to optimize marketing pull.

Sales leads are more valuable now than ever. Sales leads are scarce in slower markets AND if your business can deploy a new, fresh, lead generation strategy, market share can be grabbed from competitors. Now is time to put a lead system in place that will pull a steady flow of sale s leads, while the competition is pulling back. This How to Guide will help transform your business into a marketing machine. And this guide covers important lead nurturing methods to fire up all existing leads and your leads which are to come from tradeshows and other sources.

Big lead flow improvement can happen fast. Just follow the instructions on page one of this guide. Learn how to create magnetic “info widgets” that pull opt-in leads. Right now your business is flush with great information which prospects in your territory need. This guide tells how to mine this data and use it to print money. This guide will raise your marketing to a new high. Learn how to build informational marketing methods that give prospects real and timely solutions to solving real problems. And your prospects will jump up to get this problem solving information.

And learn how to test, and to measure results with direct response marketing. Then learn how to take what works and use it over and over, publishing press releases, articles, web information, data-sheets, and more to create a constant stream of qualified prospects. And best of all, testing will lead to exponential improvement by tweaking your headlines, your lead and your bait piece copy.

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